Our program is well equipped to meet the expectations of any Pediatrician, and have trained several since 2006.  Dr. Scott Annett, our Program Director, completed his residency in Med/Peds at Prisma Health and maintains a close relationship with the Department of Pediatrics.  Peds/SM fellows can expect to spend 1/2 day per week at the Center for Family Medicine seeing pediatric patients, or with a local Prisma Health Pediatrics practice, depending on their preference. Our orthopedic department has a group of three exceptional pediatric orthopedists who are very supportive of our Peds/SM fellows.

Our fellows have the opportunity to see patients of all ages in their continuity clinic and PCSM clinics, while focusing on adolescents and college-aged patients in their high school and college team physician roles respectively.  As with each of our tracks, alterations can be made to accommodate any specific interests or goals the fellow may have.