Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)

Our program is well equipped to meet the expectations of any PM&R physician, and have trained several since 2006.  Dr. Neha Chowdhary is our core faculty member with a PM&R background and will serve as faculty advisor for any matriculating PM&R/SM fellow.  Dr. Sara Baird is an adjunct faculty member also trained in PM&R who works in our orthopedic clinics and can serve as a mentor and guide to maximize the fellowship experience.  Both provide outpatient musculoskeletal care, do a high volume of electrodiagnostic studies, and a variety of different image-guided injections.

PM&R fellows will work with Dr. Chowdhary and/or Dr. Baird for at least 1/2 day per week.  For those interested in interventional pain management, our PCSM department has an excellent relationship with the outpatient pain division of the Department of Anesthesiology and can integrate experiences with these providers into the curriculum appropriately.  As with each of our tracks, alterations can be made to accommodate any specific interests or goals the fellow may have.