Didactics are protected time for residents (resident is free of clinical duties) and occur weekly on Tuesday afternoons. Faculty and guests are involved in delivering didactics, and residents will also develop their teaching skills by leading journal club and presenting case conferences.

Core Didactic Components

  • Grand Rounds
  • Lectures (year-specific teaching based on a planned educational curriculum)
  • Journal club
  • Clinical case conferences

Year-specific didactic responsibilities

  • PGY-1:  Residents will attend psychiatry didactics during the first month of PGY-1. During the subsequent 6 months of medical training on other services, PGY-1s are excused from psychiatry didactics and will instead attend rotation-specific lectures. When PGY-1s return to psychiatry in January, they will begin attending psychiatry didactics weekly. There is currently no expectation for PGY-1s to deliver didactics.
  • PGY-2:  Residents will lead one journal club meeting
  • PGY-3:  Residents present one clinical case conference and lead one journal club meeting
  • PGY-4:  Residents will present one grand rounds and one clinical case conference

Clinical skills evaluations will take place 1-2 times per PGY year. The resident performs a comprehensive patient interview with one faculty member present. Faculty members will provide formal, structured feedback to help residents develop and refine their interview and assessment skills.

Additionally, each resident will be paired with an individual faculty supervisor. Supervision aims to guide the resident’s professional development and goals, which may include teaching, research, and career planning. Supervision occurs weekly for at least one hour.