Didactics are protected time for residents and occur one half day per week. Faculty and guests lecturers are involved in delivering didactics, and residents will also develop their teaching skills by leading journal club and presenting case conferences and grand rounds sessions.

Core Didactic Components

  • Grand Rounds
  • Clinical Case conferences
  • Year-specific didactic curriculum
  • Journal club
  • M&M Conferences
  • Monthly PRITE Review

Year-specific didactic responsibilities

  • PGY-1: PGY-1 residents have a foundational curriculum throughout the PGY-1 year, including orientation and introductory concepts, neurology review series, and foundational concepts in psychiatry, psychiatric illnesses and treatment modalities.
  • PGY-2 & 3: PGY 2&3 residents together will dive into a 24 month, modular, illness-based curriculum that dives into the neurobiological, genetic, psychological aspects of psychiatric illness groups, as well as examining a multitude of treatment options and future directions in treatment.
  • PGY-4: PGY-4 residents engage in an advanced curriculum in psychiatry, focusing on interpretation of literature, leadership concepts, advanced topics in psychotherapy and psychiatry and many others.

Clinical skills evaluations will take place 1-2 times per PGY year. The resident performs a comprehensive patient interview with one faculty member present. Faculty members will provide formal, structured feedback to help residents develop and refine their interview and assessment skills.