Adult Medicine

Our Family Medicine Teaching Service (FMTS) at Oconee Memorial Hospital serves all admitted adult patients of the Center for Family Medicine-Oconee as well as patients in the community who don’t have a primary care provider.  We can then follow-up with these patients in our clinic and give them a medical home!  Residents will not be lacking exposure to pathology during their time in the hospital and will learn how to care for patients independently and in cooperation with available subspecialties both locally and through tele-consults.  Our Critical Care Unit is an open 12-bed unit and residents will follow their patients in and out of the unit as their level of care warrants.

Our daily rounding schedule is done with the entire inpatient team (adults, pediatrics and OB) which allows residents to get the family medicine perspective on inpatient care.  The FMTS resident presents complicated or interesting cases from the previous 24 hours and the team atmosphere allows for self-directed and team-based learning.  All faculty participate in some form of bedside teaching rounds to give residents a more hands-on opportunity to model physical exam skills or see interesting physical findings.  Bedside point-of-care ultrasound is available as well as the opportunity to learn inpatient procedures like lumbar punctures and paracentesis.

Residents will feel comfortable taking care of hospitalized patients and be ready to incorporate that care into their practices upon graduation.  Extra time for inpatient medicine electives is available either with the FMTS or with the local hospitalist group.