Behavioral Health

The longitudinal experience in behavioral health teaches residents to recognize, initiate treatment for, and utilize appropriate referrals for mental health disorders to optimize patient care. Our clinic has two embedded mental health professionals and we also offer pediatric and adult psychiatric telehealth services and substance use disorder treatment.

The bulk of our behavioral health curriculum is involvement in the Collaborative Care model through residents’ continuity clinic. Collaborative care is a specific type of integrated care focused on defined patient populations tracked in a registry, measurement-based practice, and treatment to target done by a team consisting of a PCP/resident, Behavioral Health Case Manager (BHCM), and a psychiatric consultant. You can learn more about the model here.

Additionally, our residents benefit from experiences at local mental health centers in the area and regularly structured didactic lectures on mental health issues, emotional aspects of illness, motivational interviewing, and other communication skills. Residents also have access to mental health precepting in the clinic and through video by the Behavioral Health Curriculum Director to address biopsychosocial factors affecting patient health and resident communication with patients.

We are modeling the future of integration between behavioral health and primary care so that you will be ready for future practice.